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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the environmental impacts of the recycling?
A: All positive. Ten tons of recycled gypsum represents two tons of reduction in CO2 emission. And nothing needs go to a landfill!

Q: What is the cost?
A: It is cheaper than land filling but varies from country to country. You will be charged per ton whether we collect or you deliver. Please visit our local websites for local pricelists.

Q: Can all gypsum waste be recycled?
A: Yes indeed! The unique and patented technology of Gypsum Recycling International makes it possible not only to recycle new gypsum waste from construction but also gypsum waste from reconstruction and demolition.

Q: Will any of the gypsum waste be land filled?
A: No, certainly not. One ton of recycled gypsum waste gives 900 kilos of gypsum powder ready to be re-used by the manufacturers of gypsum products.

Q: What about the remaining 100 kilos?
A: It is a paper fraction that is now treated and cleaned further with our paper recycling unit so that the paper can then be reused in the recycled paper industry. The gypsum adhered to the paper is added to the recycled gypsum powder. Any other contaminants like nails, screws, plastic etc. are separated away and send to recycling respectively.

Q: So gypsum waste is 100 pct. recyclable?
A: Yes, 100 pct. recyclable: 100 pct. gypsum waste is turned into approx. 95% recycled gypsum powder and 5 pct. recycled paper. The fraction of other contaminants is less than 1 pct.

Q: How much virgin gypsum can the recycled gypsum powder substitute in the production of new gypsum products?
A: Today above 30 pct. But this rate will increase in the future.

Q: Is this solution open to the waste of all products?
A: Yes! Our solution is an open industry solution producing a generic gypsum powder for the benefit of waste owners, end users and the environment.

Q: Can the Gypsum Recycling International system also handle synthetic gypsum types like FGD and DSG?
A: Yes. Although manmade these types of gypsum are chemically identical to virgin gypsum and therefore fully recyclable.

Q: Can your system recycle plasterboards, fibreboards and gypsum blocks?
A: Yes, our system will effectively recycle all three types.

Q: Does the system require that you collect the waste?
A: No, you can also deliver it to one of our facilities.

Q: To get gypsum waste collected must we the use your containers?
A: No, you can use your own containers. However it is important to secure that the waste stays dry.

Q: What is the alternative to recycling gypsum waste?
A: That the waste is land filled which will increase the need to mine for virgin gypsum and lead to increased CO2 emission.

Q: How do I get to know more about gypsum waste collection and recycling in my area or about becoming a partner of Gypsum Recycling International?
A: Please visit your local website or the list of local contact persons.




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